Get The Step-by-step Process Of How To Train Your Puppy The Right Way!


We train all sorts of dogs and fix all sorts of unwanted behavior. Stop bad behavior before it starts!


Follow the 8-week step-by-step course to develop positive behaviors and have a mentally healthy dog.


Specifically designed to grow with your puppy's maturity stages and build a relationship that will last forever.


Stay motivated with fun challenges, prizes, and a community to cheer you on!
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Let's get this puppy party started! While we ship your supplies, you can start watching training videos online. You're going to rock this!
What You'll Get
Lifetime Access
To the Cornerstone Puppy Online Training Course.  That includes an eight-week step-by-step guide, over 20 instructional videos, and more than 30 real life training videos with actual real puppies and their real life owners to help you see the training in action.

(Value: $995.00)

Exclusive Private Facebook Group
That offers ongoing support and celebrations for your success. Get answers to your questions so that you never have to feel like you are alone and become part of a fun puppy training community.

(Value: $490.00)

Training Equipment Mailed To Your Door
We'll send you the right supplies to build the foundation your puppy needs for a lifetime. Including an awesome Cornerstone Dog training pouch and the right training leash to guide you through those puppy months.

(Value: $39.00)

BONUS: Free Book "Puppy Training Secrets"
We'll give you access to our new book "Puppy Training Secrets" that will coincide with the online course!

(Value: $19.99)

Total Value: $1549

Limited Time Offer: Only $297

What other people have been saying:
"Our vet recommended returning our biting and growling puppy to the breeder or trying puppy training with Cornerstone. They helped us transform our wild and unruly puppy into a wonderful family dog. We recommend their program to all our friends and neighbors."

-Mary & Marc M.

"Cornerstone Dog Training is absolutely fantastic! I would not hesitate to recommend this program to any dog owner. We learned potty training, crate training, sit, down, place, and heel, as well as manners (how to stop your puppy from chewing or jumping up). Overall, just a fantastic program run by knowledgeable, friendly, and great trainers!"

-Corie B.

"One of our best decisions so far with our dog! We had a misbehaving puppy that was becoming possessive over his food and toys--not only that, but he wouldn't listen to a word we said. It caused all kinds of stress for us and our dog. Now, after having gone through the program our dog is so well behaved we hardly recognize him!"

-Austin S.

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